Price of a race cat

Protection and Payment
Laymen in things like cat-purchase, and that are the most, are often shocked or surprised when they hear a price of € 600,- for a race cat the first time on the phone. Finally they want to have only a cat out of a good breeding; little mistakes are accepted, they don't need a pedigree; but it should it be a race cat. A traditional cat isn't like the taste of them or the cat has a doubtful healthy and education. Many cat-enthusiasts have the opinion that the breeders earn much money with those prices. Respectable breeders are forced to say something against it. So many of them list up their expenses to prove that they don't earn money and that prices like € 600,- even cover the costs. Who thinks about it exactly what a breeder need to open a race cat optimally, knows: race cat-breeding is a hobby and a hobby costs money and doesn't bring some money in! There are the acquisition-costs for good breeding-animals, this can cost € 1000,- per animal very fast. Then come the society-costs because any respectable breeder is in a good society. Field-literature and seminars to a further education are coming continually. The flat has to be cat-fair, perhaps the garden or the balcony, too. A exhibiton-visit, perhaps in a foreign country, costs a few hundred €. The breeding-animals have a claim to eat good food and get regular vaccinations. The covering with a good tomcat costs a few hundred €, too; but the comosure of an own covering-tomcat isn't cheap, too. Are the kitten there they have a claim to eat good food and get regular vaccinations, too. The pedigree only costs € 18,-.

With cheap-cats you pull the shorter one
Saving isn't worthwhile by the purchase of an animal. A partner in life for 15 years or longer should be chosen with mind and effort and shouldn't be dependent from the price. If you couldn't achieve the modest price for your dream cat you should look out for a normal cat than to encourage a breeding where is cruelty to animals on the agenda. A sickly problem-animal isn't good for the family and the household.

Ask for the society
A breeder who sells race cats without a pedigree has either a bad animal keeping or he hasn't observed the breeding-purposes. If someone breeds without a society-membership he takes away from any control.

The praise is the reward
By serious race cat friends who have time for the purchase of their dream cat the prices are accepted. Which respectable breeder would open beautiful, healthy and character-solid kitten if any animal costs extra-money? Everyone has to do it if a expensive breeding-cat gets kitten and had a Caesarean for example. Hand-breeding is a 24-hour-job by whom not only the year-holidays are going on it!

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