Why a pedigree?

One question was asked to us very often: "Do you sell kitten without a pedigree, too? Is this paper useful for me as an enthusiast?" We sell unanimous Maine Coon cats with the appropriate pedigrees and a vaccination certificates book. For the buyer it is the "guarantee-appearance" that he sells a genuine Maine Coon whose parents are complete vaccianted, have a regular animal keeping, are exemplary maintained, the cat-mother has only a limited number of litters and the combination is like the breedig guide-line. All this gets to the welfare of the animals. If a breeder doesn't get papers for his animals (application only costs € 20,-) has affend against the said breeding guide-lines. If the chairman experienced it the breeder gets a fine. Thus care by those snappy! At the worst you sell a Maine Coon half-breed who is handed in too early to save money, whose parents are standing in a close relation-proportion and aren't vaccinated. Often there are so many animals in those breedings to earn money. I only can guess not to support those animal keeping. Don't sell a cat out of simpathy on an easteuropean market, please. The sufferings of the animals are still bigger here. A healthy animal with good condition and a stable psyche is useful like gold.

© by Doro

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